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7 December

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so, ive been here for a while now. so here's a little bit about me;

a bits changed in the past year. most of this is all the same. i joined the military. am currently working with a unit out of southfield (reserves). been working on a new project musically over the past year, we go by the name The Regulars. played a couple shows last winter. kind of a ska/punk thing. other then that, nothins changed. though ive been told a year has edged me quite a bit, i still havent quite seen it. who knows though.

i dig ska.
i like punk.
im all about old school hardcore.
bettie page, gotta lover..(?)
i have a short attention span.
if you dont know me, you'd probably think i was a total ass.

i used to be a local band whore. i did flyers and occasionally photography for the following local bands;
ettison clio
before i go
chiodos bros.
the ninjas
bear vs. shark

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been in and outta relationships for forever, finally taking a break after i got the count to 14, though i dont count number 13. six days dosent count right? anyways, ive got something of a "personal add" in my journal as pathetic as that sounds, titled "perfect girl", if you for some godforsaken reason (by the way,im agnostic, organized religion can bite my ass and so can politics) are intrested, read that and see if you think you fit that. whatever dude.

in a nutshell, im all about doin stupid stuff and having fun and getting trashed and doing more stupid stuff, dont take me seriously unless i tell you im being serious or we wont get along. my journal is open to the public cause i always love to hear what people have to say about my little exploits. anyways that's me, enjoy.

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